‘It is no longer about staying at home but about leaving safely’: Coparmex Sinaloa


The leaders of the Business Centers in the State of Sinaloa demand a prompt reopening of businesses

Sinaloa.- The Business Centers in the State of Sinaloa once again demanded from the State and Municipal Governments a general and immediate economic reopening, declared the president of Coparmex Culiacán, Edna Fong Payán.

The business leader said that they must follow the official protocols issued by the health authority, with the exception of some lines that by their nature involve large concentrations of people, and therefore, a greater possibility of contagion.

“It is no longer about staying at home but about leaving safely; we are fully aware of the great dilemma that returning to productive activity represents and the risks that this could mean, however, the challenge we face must be addressed in a way that joint and integral between the Government, the Society and the Companies ”, he expressed.

In this sense, the president of the Mazatlán Business Center, Jorge García Félix, explained that each of the actors in the economic reactivation must fulfill their role in order to get ahead of this health crisis.

“The Government’s responsibility is to adapt, over time, the health protocols and guidelines that the Work Centers must apply and rigorously follow, as well as carry out preventive and constructive inspections to comply with them. Likewise, the health authority must design highly efficient strategies on traceability in the contagion chain to mitigate its spread, “he said.

José Gil López, president of the Guasave Business Center, emphasized that entering the “New Normal” implies that all citizens learn to live with the virus, adopting a new lifestyle and following health protocols.

The businessmen expressed that they are looking for a balanced solution to the sanitary, economic, and social problem that exists in Sinaloa, Mexico, and the world, assuming the responsibility that corresponds to them.

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