Mazatlan’s north beach fisherman are fined by transit police


Representatives of the three organizations of coastal fishermen of Playa Norte reported that elements of Municipal Transit have fined them for parking their vehicles on the sidewalk, at the height of the pier where they protect their pangas.

On Tuesday morning, at least seven fishermen were fined while they were at sea, carrying out their capture work. Upon their return, they found the ticket in their units, including trucks, motorcycles, and cars.

The fishermen who witnessed the incident informed the agents that the owners of the vehicles were working. Only the vehicle owners who were present managed to withdraw them to avoid the fine.

“One of the comrades told them ‘do not fine them, they are in the water, they will move them right now’, but the transits police still applied the offense,” said Edgar Moya Acosta, president of the Cooperativa de Pescadores Artesanales de Playa North.

“About ten in the morning they arrived and without warning and without asking whose cars were they began to issue the tickets; How is it possible that they do this to fishermen? ”Said María de Lourdes Zamora González, president of the Rafael Buelna Tenorio Fishing Cooperative, who witnessed the events.

Traditional activity

The fishing leaders argued that for decades they have parked their vehicles on the sidewalk that borders the docking area because they need to unload jerry cans of gasoline, fishing gear, crates, ice chests and other supplies, in addition to loading the production they deliver to distributors.

They also clarified that the space is occupied from three in the morning, when the fishing work begins, until one in the afternoon, when they retire to their homes.

“I have 30 years fishing and leaving the car there and they had never told me anything; They have never fined me, until now they are doing that, “said Salvador Reyes, president of the North Beach Fishermen’s Union.

North Beach Mazatlán
In Playa Norte there is a jetty that is used by three fishing organizations. Photo: Son Playas.

Fines started in May

Salvador Reyes reported that the first infractions began to occur in early May, during the start of the bird captures. In those days, an operation was also implemented to prevent people from crowding as a preventive measure to contain Covd-19 infections.

He considered that the traffic agents have acted partially, since in the area adjacent to the dock there is a seafood restaurant and other beaches where vehicles are parked that obstruct the flow of vehicles, however, the agents are more focused on fishermen.

 “It is also full of cars, why nothing more to the North Beach? They don’t say anything to them; they must be even ”, he pointed out.

Mazatlán Playa Norte
The Playa Norte jetty is a traditional site. Photo: Son Playas.

He reported that in recent days, when a tidal wave was registered, the fishermen raised their boats to the sidewalk of the boardwalk to protect them, as they have always done in bad weather. That was when the transit police were presented to ask them to leave the site.

Why do they treat us like this? (…) They come to us when they need a fish and we give to them, always and now they want to bring us down, as they no longer know us ”, he questioned.

They threaten to demonstrate

Édgar Moya mentioned that there is unrest among fishermen, since the infractions occur just at a time when sales and work have decreased due to the pandemic. There are even those who are willing to block the avenue with their pangas to express their disagreement.

They will abide by measures

The fishing leaders stated that they will abide by the Municipal Traffic indications although their activity necessarily requires parking the vehicles in the docking area. However, they disagree on the fines. They also assured that the Municipal Traffic Directorate has not formally informed them that they can no longer park.

Municipal Transit responds

The Municipal Traffic Commander, Francisco Guerra González, reported that it is not allowed to leave vehicles on the sidewalk of the boardwalk, at the height of the Playa Norte pier, because in that area there is a curve and a bottleneck is generated.

“Since before the time of the little birds they had been indicating that they could not park; from before the time of the little birds they began to infringe themselves, ”he said when asked by telephone.

In that area there are also signs that parking is not allowed, but because they are not respected, an infringement was carried out, he said.

From now on, he said, they will only be allowed to park while carrying out loading and unloading maneuvers, but they will not be able to leave their vehicles while fishing or doing other activity.

“If they arrive and load and unload, nobody will tell them anything; but if they arrive and unload and leave the car parked, it is when they will proceed, “he clarified.

Malecon Mazatlan
Vehicle flow has increased on the Mazatlán boardwalk and other public spaces, says Tránsito Municipal. The image shows a section of the Playa Norte boardwalk. Photo: Son Playas.

Road management measures

Guerra González explained that fishermen can no longer leave their vehicles as they have for generations, because the city and the flow of vehicles have grown and an order is required.

He assured that Municipal Transit has applied infractions both in Playa Norte, and in other sections of the boardwalk and public spaces in the city. These measures, he clarified, are attached to the Law of Sustainable Mobility of the State of Sinaloa.

Regarding raising the boats to the sidewalk of the boardwalk, he said that the correct thing would be for the fishermen to have a space in their homes to protect them; however, they have been allowed to climb into the pedestrian area.


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