Mazatlan Mayor Acknowledges Police Brutality and Creates New Internal Affairs Unit


New department will report to the Mayor

“We are going to create an Internal Affairs Unit to monitor all those who work in the SSP and even the head of the Unit,” he warned.

Faced with the loss of confidence in the Department of Control and Internal Affairs of the Secretariat of Public Security and for being “kidnapped” by the police themselves, the mayor of Mazatlan, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, said that he will create a new independent “control” unit. to monitor the actions of the uniformed in respect for human rights and which will be under their command and responsibility.

Regarding the new internal affairs unit, he said that “he is not afraid of retaliation” and that any act of injustice by the police will be “sanctioned with all the force of the City Council.”

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The above, after it has been known of police brutality in recent months, but especially as a result of a recent video where two police officers beat a young man. He said that these uniformed men have already been suspended from their positions.

At the press conference on his return after being confined more than three weeks by COVID 19, the municipality reiterated that the current Department of Control and Internal Affairs disappears to create a new one, independent of the Secretariat and of Traffic, and that will be under its responsibility in accordance with article 38 of the Municipal Law.

“I promise that this will change, we are not afraid of retaliation, we are right, it is an act of justice and whoever abuses a person’s human rights should be punished with all the force of the City Council,” he said.


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