Mazatlan beaches will continue to be closed due to covid-19 red light


2 months after the restriction, 8,426 people have been invited to withdraw from the beach

Mazatlán.- The Commander of the Aquatic Salvage Squad of the Municipal Police, Gonzalo Magallanes Romero, was clear in specifying that the beaches of Mazatlán continue to be closed to the public, and as long as the municipality remains at the red light for the coronavirus pandemic, this measure will continue to be implemented.

He regretted that positive cases of Covid-19 continue to be registered locally in the municipality, and reiterated that this is why meetings are not allowed in homes or social centers, nor go to the beaches or the boardwalk.

“We are at a red light and therefore the orders are clear, the beaches continue to be closed, from Isla de la Piedra to Oceánica beach, which is our jurisdiction. It is a national order. We daily invite people to keep their distance, even when we see groups in some of the public spaces in the boardwalk area, we disperse them, we invite them to withdraw. ”

He said that if there is no need to walk in this area, they try to raise awareness and persuade them to stay in their homes.

“Yesterday we invited 197 people; the day before yesterday were 182, and the weekend we reached 242 people, “he said.

In the beach report, the accumulated influx of visitors to local beaches accounts for 180 people invited to retire from the beach this Friday alone, for a cumulative 8,426 attendees since last April 3, with 26 detained for not pay attention to authority or recidivism.

Source: pmxportal

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