Mazatlan warns about 2 fraudsters who say they are city employees


Commerce Branch has received 8 complaints against 2 women

Mazatlán.- The municipal government, through the Commerce Subdirectorate, launched an alert about two women requesting money from merchants and citizens in general, in exchange for obtaining economic credits and other support from the City Council.

Jesús Guillermo Jackes Tirado, head of this agency, said that so far they have received eight complaints and all agree that both women, who call themselves “Constanza” and “Évelyn Pamela”, claim to work in this area, to commit fraud .

He added that the promises of a job in the City Council, money loans, other supports and even even driver’s licenses, have been the “hooks” that the alleged fraudsters use to obtain from their victims amounts of money that reach up to 1,800 pesos .

“There have been several modus operandi of these people, but the names have all coincided, ‘Évelyn Pamela’ and the other has been ‘Constanza’, the five people who have spoken and the other people who have come to the office have given the The same name, the same phone and more or less have been swindled with the same amount of money, ”said Jackes Tirado.

He clarified that in the midst of the health emergency, the City Council does have an aid campaign with food pantries and other supports, however, the Sub-Directorate of Commerce is not in charge of this, as its work is to regulate street trade in the city.

The municipal official called the citizenry to report this crime to the telephones 669 986 8126 and 91


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