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Liga MX: Mazatlan FC already feels like a winning team with its own cheer and a song (video)

The team from Mazatlan Sinaloa would already have a song to support their team

The fans of Mazatlan, Sinaloa are on fire for the Liga MX soccer to arrive at the port and despite the fact that they only have a stadium almost finished and they still do not know their shield, colors, much less the players who will defend the name of Mazatlán FC, the swollen Mazatlan is already beginning to be born in the pearl of the Pacific.

The “ Patas Saladas” are already warming their throats to encourage the eleven players who will jump onto the playing field every 15 days at “La Perla” del Pacífico, a stadium that promises to vibrate with its crowds of 25,000 fans.

The expectation is so high that, in the port of Mazatlan, an amateur has already created a club to support the team and it could not be otherwise but at the beat of the famous Mazatlan corrido “song”, according to comments on social networks, the song is an adaptation of the Corrido from Mazatlán, immortalized by José Alfredo Jiménez.

Lyrics Below

“Today that soccer brought me to this stadium,

to support the local team,

it is necessary to shout with all the soul,

all the goals that Mazatlán has scored.

I am Mazatillo, with pride I say it,

“Pata Salada” wholeheartedly,

club and team become one,

from the moment the ball rolls.

Oh how nice, the first one fell,

Come on, team, let’s go for one more,

I go crazy if you put a third 

and the other team let’s cry.

We go with everything, we want that glass

we go for everything, we want to be champion

Let everyone hear that Mazatlán is great,

everyone to hear this goal shout

Author: José Juan Castañeda-

Porra Mazatlán FC”

Source: soyfutbol.com

The Mazatlan Post

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