Mazatlan hotels are getting certified for the “new normal”


Mazatlán, Sinaloa (June 2, 2020).- Despite the difficult situation in the hotel sector, after 60 days with no operations, hoteliers are investing in training and infrastructure to return to the new normal.

Work on the Valeli Grand hotel continues and it will be ready in two months. Photo: Rolando Salazar | El Sol de Mazatlán

The director of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies of Mazatlán, Julio Birrueta, stated that they are working not only in the Distintivo de Sanidad, but on other certifications as well, such as Preverisk, which is a validation of international standards that will provide certainty for the local market.

He commented that although there is not yet a date for the reopening of accommodation establishments, most tourist companies work with the H mark, while others will use the Cristal certification, others will boast the Preverisk certification, and there is a new one that just came out which is the Covid-19 certification.

He explained that the one they require to operate is the federal and state, however, with the pandemic they ask everyone for Covid-19 certification, with Preverisk, which consists of a whole revision of different health protocols.

He added that the association carries out the Covid-19 certification that has just come out for Europe and just arrived in Mexico, where it is guaranteed that the companies that have received this training, audit, and certification are complying with all international standards to be able to operate in a pandemic environment.

Airlines and tour operators ask for the list of hotels, amenities and tourist services that are Covid-19 certified in order to transmit this information, because not only do hotels have to comply with specifications, but also guests.

Source: OEM