Mazatlan hotel beaches may be the first to open


There is no date yet for the reopening of the rest of the beaches

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (June 2, 2020) .- The hotel beaches could be the first to reopen to the public, after they were closed on April 1 by order of the State Government.

José Gámez Valle, Marketing Director of the Mazatlán Hotels and Tourism Companies Association (AHyET), pointed out that this would be possible given that the accommodation centers will have personnel who will be supervising that tourists respect the corresponding health protocols.

“In the beaches at the hotel zone, there is better control, while the beaches that are open to the general public are those where authorities are not allowing access,” Gamez Valle said.

“In our hotel pools and beaches, we will have more lifeguard and security supervision personnel to be in permanent contact with the tourists and kindly suggest them not to get too close to each other, except if they are family or partners, but our staff will supervise that one family stays two meters away from the other; this is how we are going to control the situation,” he added.

Meanwhile, the Operator and Administrator of Beaches (OAP) in Mazatlán, indicated that the reopening date is still to be announced.

“There is still no date for the reopening of beaches, we have to wait until the competent authorities consider it is time to reopen” Gamez Valle concluded.

Source: Reacción Informativa

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