Sargassum barriers placed along Quintana Roo beaches


Riviera Maya, Q.R. — Sargassum barriers are continually being installed along Mexico beaches in Riviera Maya as the flow of unwanted seaweed increases.

Installation company Danaska says “We have already installed anti-sargassum barriers in Puerto Morelos, Xcalak, Mahahual and very soon we will be in Tulum in coordination with the Secretary of the Navy.”

As part of the joint strategy between the federal and state governments and the Mexican Navy, sargassum barriers have already been installed in Puerto Morelos and in the southern Costa Maya region of Mahahual and Xcalak.

Governor Carlos Joaquín stressed that to keep beaches clean, even during the health contingency, the state has placed the seaweed barriers and has six sargassum vessels ready to operate in the event of a large landfall.

Sargassum barriers have been placed along Riviera Maya beaches

Rear Admiral Enrique Flores Morado, coordinator of the state’s Sargasso Care Strategy, explained that in addition to the anti-sargassum barriers that have already been installed along Riviera Maya beaches, 1,200 meters of sea barriers are also set for Tulum.

The barriers will work to keep the sargassum in the sea where it will be collected by vessels. Seaweed that does land on beaches will be removed by one of the four beach sweepers and three tractors designated for this purpose.

The equipment is earmarked for use in Isla Mujeres, Puerto Morelos and Xcalak. Flores Morado says as for the boats, sargassum vessel ARM Fluitans BCS-201 is in Benito Juárez, ARM Hystrix BSC-202 is in Puerto Morelos, ARM Cymosum BSC-203 is at Puerto Aventuras.

The ARM Horneri BSC-206 vessel is earmarked for Tulum, while the ARM Sinocola BSC-205 will operate in Xcalak and the vessel ARM Vulgare BSC-204 in Mahahual.

Source: RMN

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