Mazatlan’s Aguamarina Hotel will not reopen


Mazatlan Sinaloa; May 26, 2020.- Most of the hotels on the boardwalk carry out cleaning and maintenance work in preparation for reopening as soon as the authorities authorize it.

But there is one that has changed projects and will no longer continue as a lodging center

El Agua Marina, one of those with the longest track record on the boardwalk.

According to the information sent to this news page, about 80 workers are already being liquidated by the company.

Maids, cooks, waiters, office workers, security guards, are left without a job and without a return to normalcy.

Although this is not yet official because it has not been disclosed, there was a project change. In the following months, an apartment tower could be built, for which the oldest part of the hotel would be demolished and in the other, there is the possibility of leaving it as a timeshare. 

Although there is a version that it was sold to an international chain.

In the establishment, there is no cleaning movement as in the others that are almost ready to restart activities.

The official website is still active, with the notice of temporary closure due to the health emergency.


The Mazatlan Post