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Mazatlan’s “Green Corridor” the new Rafael Buelna ave work is planned to be Done in June

* Green grass and bougainvillea

* Very modern avenue

It is surprising and gratifying that work has begun on Rafael Buelna Avenue to “beautify” this great road further with the installation in two sections of the so-called “green corridor”, which is to place English-type grass on the sides of the steps of the 4-kilometer bike path that measures the avenue, from the Valentinos roundabout to the Fuente del Agua, on México 15 highway, at the exit to Culiacán. The work is expected to be delivered in late June.

Every three meters of the corridor, other ornamental plants such as palm trees and bougainvilleas are also placed in different colors, mainly purple, and with this the image is seen totally different in this that will be another walk in the city and access to the Area Tour.

At the inauguration, it was said that the reconstruction would cost more than 45 million pesos and that it would be a first-world avenue. Indeed, the Buelna looks different, modern with everything new, from the hydraulic cement, the lighting with lamps with round and tall structures, the bicycle lane for both lanes, the area landscaped with old and new palm trees, signage, and new bus stops. to favor users of urban units

Source: sinaloaenlinea.com

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