Mazatlan Salvation Army Increases meals to 250 Daily


* Nutritious and hygienic foods

The Salvation Army continues with a lot of daily work and every day more vulnerable people, some who live on the streets, join to request a hot meal on Gutiérrez Nájera Street, headquarters of this noble institution. So far there are 250 meals a day for people with social discrimination. There are more than 1,200 dishes per week, said Captain Raúl Romero.

He indicated that only on Sundays they do not serve meals because it is day to organize the material, physical and warehouse structure of food, so talk to donors and institutions that support the altruistic work.

Captain Romero added that people with food needs to be increased and donors are fewer because the crisis of this pandemic hits all sectors and companies.

He pointed out that every day the food is different, fresh, with quality and hygiene, nutritious, and there is a soup, a stew, beans, dessert, and flavored water. Today there will be macaroni, pork, soup, tortillas, and water, although the week there was coca-cola thanks to a donation from the aforementioned soft drink company.

Desserts range from sweet bread, milk rice or cookies to Dolce Mami.

Raúl Romero called on the population to “keep touching the heart and that they continue to work every day, doing their best; invite donors to continue with their grain of sand, those who can; we have deductible receipts… ”


The Mazatlan Post