Mazatlan’s Rosa Osuna stuck on a cruise ship over 70 days


Mazatlan Rosa Osuna works for the Princess Cruises chain and has over 70 days without touching land.

This due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic, more than 500 crew members have been unable to get off the ship and go to their place of origin.

It was last March 14 when the Princess Cruise Chain stopped sailing, and it was that day when the total isolation of Rosa Osuna began.

For over 70 days they have looked for the opportunity to dock in different places but due to the strict rules in some countries they have not been allowed.

In an exclusive interview with Sinaloa Online, Rosa Osuna, expressed that these 70 days have been the longest time she has spent on the high seas, although that has not prevented her from enjoying the tranquility and the beautiful sunsets that her work offers her.

She says that she has dedicated herself to photography and meditation to cope with social isolation.


The Mazatlan Post