Two fishing boats quarantined in Mazatlan


49 crew members from two vessels remain isolated

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- At 05:30 hours on May 16, the tuna ships Azteca 8 and María Beatriz arrived at the Pinsa company dock, with crew members suspected of being infected with Covid-19.

Azteca 8 was carrying 25 and María Beatriz 24 crew members, respectively.

The movement was stealthy, no ambulance or security personnel were observed.

The return of the crew was not as usual. At the arrival time, no family member was waiting for them at the dock, and nobody left the Pesca Azteca facilities either.

(Photo: Debate)

An hour later, a helicopter arrived, which could have transported the coronavirus suspects.

At 07:00 AM, two people were observed wearing specialized suits, arrived to disinfect the boats.

Later, a helicopter was seen hovering around the facilities of the Bonfil Park. The crew of the ship wore protective equipment.

The aircraft came and went, on three occasions.

José Enrique Mora Reyes (Photo: Noroeste)

The port captain, José Enrique Mora Reyes, reported that when the boats arrived, the health personnel of the Epidemiology division showed up to take the samples of the crew and took the samples to the state capital for analysis.

Captain Mora Reyes explained that both boats are in quarantine and state health authorities will be constantly monitoring them.

Source: Debate

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