Public works in Mazatlan’s Playa Sur will take another month


Mazatlán.- The deputy director of Municipal Transit, Francisco Guerra González announced that the closure of a new section of Miguel Alemán Avenue and extension of Aquiles Serdán in the Playa Sur subdivision is due to the continuity of the construction work on the storm drain.

He recalled that for these works, from weeks ago the Alemán avenue has had partial closings, but when arriving at the roundabout at the Aquiles Serdán crossing, the work area is expanded, so vehicles must divert to the interior of the subdivision.

Right now the closings will be expanded and the alternate routes will be modified since at the intersection of the Miguel Alemán and Aquiles Serdán roundabout, they will have to take the Aquiles Serdán extension to the south, towards the Playas Gemelas street, he said.

The alternate routes are going to be through the inner streets of Playa Sur, to only surround that part, and as they go they will close to Playa Gemelas in Playa Sur, he added.

“The works they have done for Miguel Alemán are already in the last few. The German will probably open from 2 weeks to a month more, but in that specific closure it will be a month for Miguel Alemán and Aquiles Serdán Avenue to reopen, ”explained the deputy director of Traffic.

Guerra Gonzáles explained that the area will be marked with barriers, candles or cones, also taped to the streets through which drivers can and should circulate, to speed up the passage of units.


The Mazatlan Post