Pitahaya season starts in Mazatlan


San Ignacio, Sinaloa (May 8, 2020).- Although with low production, the pitahaya season has already begun in San Ignacio, a temporary activity that reactivates the economy of the municipality and that many families look forward to.

Although this season things do not look good for families who dedicate themselves to this activity year after year and that represents an extra income for them.

A vendor showed up at the main square, who offered the four-kilo bucket for 200 pesos. These buckets are practically taken away by foreign customers who adore this coveted fruit.

The high temperatures that prevail in the arid and uneven terrain where the fruit is found, make the cut more difficult, coupled with the long distances they have to travel, and the danger that they will of coming across a snake or other poisonous animals, not to mention how hard it is to remove the thorns is one of the difficult tasks.

Every year, this activity means temporary employment for dozens of families between the months of May and June.

The traders of this coveted fruit to which medicinal properties are attributed, said they hope that in the absence of tourism, local buyers will purchase their product.

Source: Debate

The Mazatlan Post