The Miracle of “Alfonsina” one of Mazatlan most colorful figures


Alfonso Magaña Gradilla is a different person from a year ago. “Alfonsina did not leave, she stayed inside me because she is a very well-known character in Mazatlán,” Alfonso said with a calm, simple voice and asking “forgive the Mazatlecos that I offended; there are things that must remain in the past ”.

According to Alfonso’s own family, this character fell into drugs following the death of his father.

One month after completing the year of rehabilitation in the Una Luz en Mí Camino group house, Víctor, of the founders of this house in the 20 de Noviembre neighborhood, opens the door to talk with Alfonso, who tells us that he is “ very well, better, I am no longer accelerated; I don’t take drugs and with a feeling of inner peace”.

Skinny, as he has been in recent years and toothless for different reasons, thanks God for this “second chance; I ask for forgiveness and I am going to look for work; I want to be at home, with my family and regain lost freedom and resume my life. “

In the interview, Alfonso stated that years ago he worked in Tijuana in a cashier pharmacy and in a quality control company; “I can go back to that, I feel empowered; I want to get closer to people and open a new page like Alfonso Magaña Gradilla ”.

He said that this weekend he visited his family and that he was very happy


“I want to give myself the opportunity to get to know myself and people get to know me; I am a new Alfonso because there is no more drugs; I want to return to my house and ask for support for my family, for the people of a Light on My Path; I want to work, “he added.

Alfonso said he was willing to offer a talk that things can change when you want to; he is willing to give his example of life and is not afraid to be in front of many people who really want to hear it; express my lows and my highs, but above all to have confidence in oneself.

He said that a Light on My Path taught him that you can live without drugs; “Here I have friends, colleagues who helped me; they are people of discipline ”.

Finally, Alfonso sent the following message: “I love people; I am ready for the interviews, blessings for all the people and everything is possible… ”

Our best wishes to our beloved “Alfonsina” the most beloved character in Mazatlán.


The Mazatlan Post