172 people removed from Mazatlan beaches on Sunday, May 3rd


In one month, 3,648 bathers have been invited to leave the beach and respect quarantine.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (May 4, 2020) .- The closure of beaches in Mazatlán has been implemented as a preventive measure against the Coronavirus pandemic that occurs around the world.

The agents of the Municipal Police Aquatic Salvage Squad and the federal corporations participating in the surveillance operation, have detected a total of 3,648 people, who were invited to go back to their homes and stay there.

A total of five people had been arrested, as they resisted or responded aggressively to the authorities’ orders to leave the premises.

“We have been inviting people, both in the beach and on the boardwalk areas, to please retire and to take sanitary measures, healthy distance and everything that the sanitary authorities recommend, especially in the most remote areas near the Isla de la Piedra and next to Oceánica, on the side of Emerald Bay is where we have had the most presence of people who perhaps believe that because of the remoteness of the area, there is no surveillance, but we are conducting the operation from Isla de la Piedra all the way down to Playa el Delfín “, said the Commander of the Aquatic Rescue Squad, Gonzalo Magallanes Romero.

Source: OEM

The Mazatlan Post