Mazatlan hoteliers say ‘informal accommodation business’ must be stopped


Hoteliers denounce that tourists are finding “informal” lodging in Mazatlán despite contingency.

MAZATLÁN, SINALOA (May 2nd, 2020)._ The Tres Islas Hotel Association denounced that during the health contingency, tourists find lodging in private houses and apartments in Mazatlán, while the hotels remain closed.

“The hotels made a commitment to close to overcome this situation as soon as possible, but it is useless since the rent of apartments and condominiums continues in wholesale,” said José Ramón Manguart Sánchez, president of the organization.

“This issue has widespread not only in Mazatlan but in other parts of Mexico, and has not received due attention. Social stability, public health, unemployment, and job loss”, he continued.

According to instructions from the State Government, all hotels in Sinaloa closed its doors since April 1st, under threat of sanction in case of non-compliance.

Days before, however, developments such as Aguamarina and Riu had already announced their temporary closure the “Semana Santa” and Easter week holiday season.

Manguart Sánchez did not rule out the possibility of permanent closings after the health contingency.

“I am not talking of one hotel, in particular, I am talking about the lack of business and the expenses of a hotel in Mazatlan, if the authorities decide to extend the contingency periods, not all the hotels will be able to survive” warned the hotel businessman.

He called on the entire population to join the quarantine and shorten the period of it, but staying at home, without renting their properties.

“We make a call to society to join the guidelines proposed by the secretary of health by staying at home, so we can get this over with, and hotel operations can resume as soon as possible,” Manguart Sánchez concluded.