Durango is one of the states with fewer cases in all Mexico


On Saturday May 2nd, the number of cases of people infected with COVID-19 in Mexico, increased to 20,739 confirmed patients, while the number of fatalities grew to 1,972, reported the Ministry of Health (SSA).

The accumulated confirmed cases by state of residence continue to be concentrated in Mexico City with 5,548, in the State of Mexico with 3,422, and in Baja California with 1,569. While the three states that stand out with the least amount are Zacatecas with 87, Chihuahua with 83, Durango with 70, and Colima with 28.

Most of the distribution of the active epidemic (cases that started with symptomatology in the last 14 days, from April 18 to May 1), are found in Mexico City with 1,692 cases, the State of Mexico with 1,033 cases, and Tabasco with 341 cases.

IMSS clinic in Durango (Photo: Infobae)

Campeche, Durango, and Colima are the three entities with the fewest active cases, with 36, 32, and six, respectively.

Source: Infobae

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