Loneliness and unemployment on the Mazatlán Malecón


On the beach only a lifeguard is observed to prevent them from entering the sea.

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (May 2, 2020) .- In a tour of the boardwalk, the zero influx of people was confirmed. The beaches were empty, something historic in the port of Mazatlán.

Absolutely nobody jogging or riding a bike on the Malecón.

A lifeguard in charge of verifying that no person enters the beaches., argued that only fishermen can enter the sea.

The member of the Aquatic Squad explained that in his shift, absolutely nobody has tried to access the beach.

In Playa Norte, local fishermen are worried about the lack of employment.

Salvador García was dedicated to parachute rental and stressed that he has been out of work for more than six weeks.

“We were looking forward to Easter, but this pandemic has held us down,” said Garcia.

There is despair in the unemployed and fishermen as they lack money to support their families.

García regretted that no authority has supported people who lived on tourism.

He assured that the panorama has completely changed their way of life, since they no longer have the income necessary to support their families.

José Martínez, a fisherman, pointed out that the situation they are facing is alarming, since there are already few products to catch, and sales have dropped, so it could be said that they have also lost their jobs, and do not have money to feed their children.

Source: Debate

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