Damage to water pipeline leaves Mazatlan dry


Mazatlan, Sinaloa (May 2nd, 2020).- Jumapam staff is repairing one of the main supply pipes.

The company that places the poles for the Totalplay TV and Internet service broke this Friday May 1st the 30-inch pipe that supplies the city with more than one thousand liters of water per second, which has left half of Mazatlan without water.

It was near Colonia La Sirena where one of the three supply lines was crossed by a borehole and the authors of the damage did not report the situation to Jumapam, but instead abandoned the site and it was the citizens who notified the municipal agency.

“The problem is that Mazatlán is going to run out of water almost entirely, because of the 2,100 liters per second that we are producing, we are going to lower it to 1,000 liters per second, but neighborhoods such as Centro, López Mateos, Sánchez Célis, Insurgentes and many other will not have water, for a period of time”, reported the operations manager, Luis Núñez Gutiérrez.

In the case of the northern zone, he added that the water pressure will decrease considerably also due to the drop in supply.

Ismael Tiznado Ontiveros

Jumapam’s general manager, Ismael Tiznado Ontiveros, commented that repair work is already ongoing, in order to restore thewater supply as soon as possible, since today more than ever Mazatlan requires sufficient water to mitigate the threat of the pandemic by the Covid-19.

Source: Noroeste

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