Mazatlan bank closes due to customer not keeping a safe distance and disorder in line


Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Personnel and security guards had to close the bank when the line got out of control and the police did not get there to bring order.

According to the information made available, this occurred at the BBVA branch located in Plaza Acaya shortly after one in the afternoon.

The line was long. Those who waited were unhappy because it did not progress and did not want to give preference to pregnant women or the elderly, nor to those who already had an unfinished procedure.

The claims were not made to wait for the staff of the institution and forgot the Sana distance, as well as the prevention measures, as some readers reported via message.

That is why the bank decided to close its doors to prevent covid-19 infection from happening to older people.

There were people with up to three hours waiting to pass and finally they had to resign themselves to return another day.

They awaited the arrival of the police, however that did not happen


The Mazatlan Post