DIF Mazatlan will hold a virtual raffle of 40 bicycles, Today for Children’s Day


Girls and boys between 6 and 12 years old can participate

Mazatlán.- The Government of Mazatlán, through DIF Mazatlán, will hold a virtual raffle of 40 bicycles that will be delivered on Thursday, April 30, in commemoration of Children’s Day.

The call opens on April 28 at 12 PM and closes on April 29 at the same time.

For 24 hours all girls and boys, between 6 and 12 years old, can register by sending a message (inbox) on the Official Facebook Page of the DIF Mazatlán System including the name of the boy or girl who will participate, complete address with street, number, and colony, as well as a contact telephone number

The dynamics of the virtual raffle will be as follows:

On Wednesday, April 29 at 3 PM there will be a live broadcast on the Official Facebook Page of Sistema DIF Mazatlán (https://www.facebook.com/SistemaDIFMazatlan/ ) where the 40 winners will be announced.

Gabriela Peña Chico, president of DIF Mazatlán, will be in charge of getting the names of the girls and boys benefiting from three different tombolas that will be identified by location: urban area, southern rural area, and northern rural area, based on the domicile of the participants.

There will be 20 winners from the urban area of ​​Mazatlán, 10 winners from the northern rural area and another 10 winners from the southern rural area of ​​the port.

The DIF Mazatlán Love Brigade will be in charge of delivering the 40 bicycles directly to the homes of the winning girls or boys on Thursday, April 30, along with a pantry and sweets.

The girls and boys who are within the DIF Mazatlán PROBEC economic support register are automatically entered in the virtual raffle, as they are in a vulnerable situation.

It is worth mentioning that the bicycles were donated by local businessmen who trusted the Mazatlán Government and DIF Mazatlán to deliver them.

All resources are focused on protecting and providing the most vulnerable families with the essentials during this Covid 19 contingency.

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