Coronavirus bankrupts more than 3,000 businesses in Mazatlan


Many Canaco affiliates will not be able to open their doors due to the lack of liquidity to start again

Mazatlan Sinaloa.- More than 3,200 businesses will not open after the quarantine, if it lasts more than a month, as announced by the president of Canaco, Jesús Rafael Sandoval Gaxiola.

He stressed that these businesses will not have money to start again since many of them will not be able to access government support, because some are in the credit bureau.

Jesus Sandoval reported that approximately 7,800 shops are currently closed, which are affiliated with Canaco, which indicates that it is 60 percent of all the businesses that make up the chamber.

He said that many of them stopped work by order of the Ministry of Health as they were not essential and others when not registering sales, decided to close.

He mentioned that they hope that the contingency is not postponed so that some businesses can open their doors.

He commented that if the quarantine is lifted at this time, more than 1,900 businesses could not reactivate their activity since they do not have money.

The Canaco president pointed out that in order to start working, many of the owners would have to negotiate with the lessor, as is the case with the plazas.


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