Mazatlan’s Isla de la Piedra, fishermen give away fish during crisis


Commissioner of the ejido community said that the islanders receive the support of the fishermen every day

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. Although it does not have a commercial value, the fish known as “guano” or “guanito” is donated by fishermen to the population of Isla de la Piedra, which in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic has been left without sustenance by the lack of tourism.

Víctor Manuel Aguirre Peña, the commissioner of the ejido community, stated that every day the islanders receive the support of the fishermen, who give away the marine species that is hardly commercialized in the market.

When there is a normal activity, the guanito has a value and right now it is not worth it, they do not buy it because there is no demand from the people, who only buy quality fish, such as the sierra or the snapper


Of 50 kilos of product that is sold quickly in the city, he asserted, 10 or 20 kilos are of guano, which they give away because nobody buys it at this time of year.

Because it is not a renowned fish, in addition to its meat having a dark hue, he noted, people stop buying it, despite the fact that it is considered to be rich in protein.

Normally, he mentioned, this type of marine species is sold between 10 and 20 pesos per kilo, as long as there is a normal activity of buying and selling by citizens.

Those who like “guano” or “guanito,” he said, ask for it ground up to make ceviche with carrots, the cost of which is approximately 40 pesos per kilo, a price that is still accessible.

He assured that the inhabitants of the Isla de la Piedra welcome the actions carried out by the pangueros, who once on the pier proceed to distribute the fish in the community.


In the morning, afternoon or evening, the islanders eat the fish they are given, which they can prepare, either in ceviche, breaded, and even in broth.


The Mazatlan Post