Food Bank in urgent need of donations in Mazatlan


The population can make their donations in kind or in money to buy food

Mazatlán, Sinaloa .- The Food Bank requires the solidarity of citizens to maintain the pantries that are donated to the most vulnerable families in Mazatlán and the southern region in this health emergency.

They have a register of 1,800 families, which totals 13,000 beneficiaries, in the municipalities of Concordia, Escuinapa, and Rosario, but the highest percentage is in Mazatlán.

The director of the Food Bank, Amadeo Sánchez, stressed that they have food to maintain aid for the remainder of April. 

To cover another month of quarantine requires more cooperation

Donations can be in kind or in cash, the latter to the BBVA account 0199934960, Clabe 012744001999349604.

They can also go to the bank’s facilities, at Calle Río Pánuco 400, in the Ferrocarrilera neighborhood. 

Mazatlán Comparte supports this fight for food for the Food Bank, but also to collect donations for public hospitals that lack sufficient supplies for medical and nursing staff to protect themselves to care for Covid-19 patients.


Food Bank executives, workers, and volunteers receive the supports, regardless of the amount.

They say that if everyone stands in solidarity, they will allow food to reach the neediest families in Mazatlán and the southern region.

Non-perishable foods are required, including canned, beans, rice, sugar, lentils, and pasta. They also receive fruits, vegetables, bread, as they prepare pantries that include all the nutrients for the diet of family members and members of institutions that also receive pantries.


The Mazatlan Post