Mazatlan authorities increase surveillance patrols


Due to the sanitary measures interposed by the authorities, several commercial premises throughout the city have had to close

The Secretary of the City Council, José de Jesús Flores Segura, affirmed that in Mazatlán there has not been a rebound in the matter of behavior typified and sanctioned as crimes since they have not let their guard down in surveillance.

Likewise, he explained that a surveillance strategy focused on safeguarding areas with little or no activity was implemented, in order to guarantee their safety. In addition to that by the Municipal Public Security Council, the strategy for the protection and safeguarding of establishments is reviewed daily, with which it is verified that they are properly closed.

23 04 20 Surveillance rounds are held

“The Mayor, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres has given us the indication to review the daily strategy for the protection and safeguard of shops that are closed, as they are not an essential activity. In this sense, apart from the general quadrant routes, they physically check that the fences and doors are perfectly closed. (The arrests of offenders) have been daily, but so we have a rebound or some extraordinary activity related to this situation thanks to the strategies and orders of the president we do not have yet, “he said.

23 04 20 Surveillance rounds are held

Regarding vehicular traffic in the city, he recognized that at certain times it is constant and is due to the population that is over 600 thousand people and even when the bulk of the citizenry is at home, they have to go out to carry out activities essentials like grocery shopping as well as those who are still working.


The Mazatlan Post