First section of Camaron Sabalo Ave will be open at the end of April


The work goes on time and form, assures its supervisor, the architect Enrique González Güereña

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Camarón Sábalo Avenue will debut its first remodeled section during the next week when it is open to circulation, announced Enrique González Güereña, external supervisor of the work.

This section corresponds to the street that is next to the hotel zone (direction from north to south), which includes from the old Hotel El Faro to the Hotel El Cid and the intention is that in a few more days the rest of the road, until reaching Valentino’s.

“This end of the month we have finished (…) next week we begin to open sections (to circulation). It is almost finished, the problem is that the concrete ones are not ready for rolling, so we are giving them time, but next week we are already open ”.

22 04 advance sabalo shrimp golden zone mazatlan

“Right now we are straining the last sections but we need seven days to be able to circulate it, so we are going to talk about the end of the week that is coming, it is already circulating by more than half,” he explained.

The architect indicated that in order not to hinder traffic, it has been chosen not to intervene in the cruises, but he pointed out that there is a probability that these will also be remodeled in the coming days to be able to finish and free the road without pending or unfinished sections.

In turn, he stressed that this has been the only commitment he has made regarding the opening of this avenue: “we have not promised anything (previously) until next week,” he said.

22 04 advance sabalo shrimp golden zone mazatlan

González Güereña estimated that the work is close to 50 percent complete and stated that it will be ready for the month of July, as promised by the Governor of the State when giving the flag of the work; as long as the health contingency does not affect the works. He also detailed that the other lane is 15 percent complete and that the only section where the pavement has not been broken is from Avenida Gabriel Ruiz to Conapesca.

Despite the statement and the considerations of the construction supervisor, in this section, there are still parts where the concrete pour is not finished.


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