Cleaning Workers Protest in Mazatlan


* Due to risks with COVID 19, they ask for hazard pay

* They demand 384 pesos extra for 120 people

In the morning, about 120 workers of Cleaning and Cleaning of STASAM, protested in the surroundings of the Municipal Palace of Mazatlán to ask the mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres for an “extra” or “productivity bonus” monthly at least 384 pesos during the duration of the COVID 19 contingency, since they are at risk of health, union leader Jesús Osuna Lamarque acknowledged in an interview.

Trabajadores de Limpia Protestan Esta Mañana en Mazatlán | Sinaloa ...

The leader of the workers at the service of the municipality said that they, especially the laborers, are exposed to infectious-contagious materials that people discard and it is fair “that they be valued by means of an incentive.” He noted that there are 120 workers, 80 unionized, and 40 temporaries.

Osuna Lamarque stated that they are essential workers in the municipality and for garbage collection and have not stopped working a single day.

He pointed out that workers are now spending extra money to wash their hands, their clothes when they get home more constantly and other eventualities that were not included in the daily budget. He recognized that the municipal authority gives them the necessary equipment to work, such as masks and gloves.

The union leader said that two weeks ago the request for the incentive was made and that there has been no response from the authorities. He noted that after the demonstration of the workers, who arrived at the Municipal Palace with everything and garbage trucks, the secretary of the City Council, José de Jesús Flores Segura, already called them to “negotiate.”


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