Mazatlan partiers hamper COVID prevention works


Just over 50 parties were reported during the weekend

Mazatlán.- The municipal coordinator of Civil Protection, Eloy Ruiz Gastélum. He regretted that despite the constant call to stay home, it is a fact that social gatherings or parties continue to be held in the city.

A little more than 50 complaints were received by the security authorities during the weekend, due to inconvenience due to the high volume generated by municipal groups, or to scandalizing neighborhoods and neighborhoods in the city.

The municipal official considered that this type of conduct affects the tasks that are carried out daily throughout the city as preventive measures against the coronavirus, and therefore reiterated the call to avoid family or friend gatherings, in order to protect people vulnerable to a disease that in the entity are adding new cases every day.

“Unfortunately, the incidence of activities or social events during the weekend, on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and early in the morning was still very active. We continue to insist on the same thing: having those kinds of social activities or events or parties does nothing more than detract from the activities that are being done. More than putting ourselves at risk and putting my health at risk, it is putting the health of those I love, especially third parties, at risk. We must take care of ourselves, take care of our families, our older adults, the children who are the most vulnerable people ”, he mentioned.

Ruiz Gastélum said that when this type of citizen signal is received, the elements of the Ministry of Public Security come to urge those present to withdraw, since one of the main factors of contagion of Covid-19 is the gathering of people and there is no sanitary control, and in this case, the hosts do not have the certainty that the guests are not sick, and a massive contagion can come, and that is what you want to avoid.


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