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In recent weeks the effects of COVID-19 have shocked Mazatlán, with the banning of tourist cruises, the closure of shops, stores, hotels, beaches and restaurants, in addition to the Government’s call to stay home to avoid contagion.

Two brothers, Sinhué and José Manuel Nassar rented a place on Gutiérrez Nájera street, three blocks from the Malecon, to open a Mexico City-style “Torta” business, but they never imagined that the coronavirus would arrive so quickly in the country and tarnish their dream.

The opening of El Muro Cervezas, Tortas y Rock, was scheduled for Easter, but when the restrictions came due to the health emergency, the plans changed for them. However, as everything was ready, they decided to open the business, offering home delivery service, with a strong promotion campaign through social networks.

Maintaining a business in these conditions is very difficult, especially when an investment has been made to open it, income is very limited and operating expenses are very high, such as paying the rent for the premises and services.

The brothers from Mexico City have always liked the food business, which they learned from their mother, both have had separate businesses, and now they got together for this project with family recipes.

El Muro has an extensive “Torta” menu with names of rock bands at prices ranging from 40 to 120 pesos each, featuring ingredients, such as ham, sausage, chorizo, bacon, beef milanesa, chicken, meat al pastor, pork chop and different types of cheese.

They trust that once the pandemic is over, the benefits will come to everyone.

If you are in quarantine in the beautiful port of Mazatlan, don’t hesitate to contact EL Muro via Facebook, check out their menu and order one of their delicious Tortas… you won’t regret it …

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