Extension of the quarantine impacts the tourist sector in Mazatlan


The main activity in Mazatlán is the tourist industry, and as the confinement expands, it will cause some companies to no longer be able to open

Mazatlán, Sinaloa .- The extension of the quarantine to curb the spread of COVID-19 is a good measure, accepted the director of marketing of the Association of Hotels and Tourist Companies (AHyET), José Gámez, and the president of Canaco Mazatlán, Jesús Sandoval Gaxiola, but this measure should be accompanied by a plan to support companies. 

The leader of the merchants highlighted that they already face a difficult situation. Easter is the most important period for the tourism sector, however, there was no economic spill like other years.

Another month of quarantine is coming and for health it is good, but the stoppage in activity will cause some businesses to not raise the curtain again

Gámez stressed that there is no certainty that the extension of the quarantine is only during May. It could be more, which would cause damages for all Mexicans, especially for companies that are not receiving income

Sandoval was concerned about the disease, but also because they were not sure that by the end of May they would be able to reactivate activities in the tourism, commerce and all areas.

The leader of the businessmen called on the government to implement a support plan for this sector since it must be clear that companies generate wealth that the government administers.

Almost a month after hotels, restaurants, shops, cinemas, clubs, canteens, casinos, gyms and schools closed, thousands of home workers are receiving salaries, but not all companies are going to resist the quarantine being extended. 

Source: debate.com.mx

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