#LadyCasas insults Red Cross agent in Chapala, Jalisco (VIDEO)


A woman was nicknamed #LadyCasas in social networks after she was caught on video at the time she insulted a Red Cross security agent that prevented her from passing to Chapala, in order to comply with the government’s indications to avoid COVID-19 infections in Guadalajara, Jalisco (one of the Mexican cities with most coronavirus cases).

In the recording, which was broadcast on social networks and quickly went viral, the woman appears in her car, wearing dark glasses and holding her cell phone in one hand, while the security agent was saying: “Recreational activities that are not allowed right now miss…”

Immediately the woman responds: “How do you think I’m going to risk going to the boardwalk?” The man at the checkpoint tells her that she is actually taking a big risk by not keeping the quarantine, and she is also putting other people at risk.

The woman then becomes upset and reacts by insulting the agent. “Just because you don’t have a f… house other than where you sleep, that doesn’t mean we’re all the same…” #LadyCasas told the man, who just replied, “OK, very well, blessings.”

At the end of the footage the woman drives away towards Chapala Lake.

#LadyCasas became a trending topic on Twitter and users disapproved of the woman’s attitude on the video.

Source: Razon

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