Seagulls in Mazatlan take over the beach (VIDEO)


Seagulls own the Mazatlan coast and they are always on the move to hunt for food.

In these days that the beaches are closed to the public, seagulls see their possibilities diminished to easily obtain their food. After centuries of getting their daily meal from the fishermen, now they look confused.

The nature reflected in these shorebirds, the gulls, whose plumage gray and white contrasts with the blue of the sea, are extremely intelligent birds, with a great communicative capacity to protect themselves, reproduce and feed. The gulls are regularly observed in areas like the north beach, where they are waiting for the fishermen to offer them a tasty snack.

However, in these days of lockdown and quarantine, the beaches are closed to the public and seagulls are having a hard time trying to obtain their food; because on any other day, tourists or locals who go to the beach, offer them food and are always trying to interact with these graceful birds.

Source: TV Pacifico

The Mazatlan Post


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