Will there be a curfew or alcohol ban in Sinaloa?


The Governor said he was confident that the people of Sinaloa will overcome this contingency, and assured that his government is making all the necessary decisions

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Sinaloa.- It is not yet specifically defined whether the curfew or dry law should be applied in Sinaloa, and that will be seen on the fly, depending on how the COVID-19 pandemic develops in the state, said the governor. Quirino Ordaz.

“We have valued all the options (curfew or dry law), but hey, you also have to watch decision-making on the fly, some say: ‘close all stores’, but there are also watering holes, there are slopes for people buy. I have confidence in the responsibility of the people, who are going to cooperate, to pull and we need everyone to do their part, we need everyone’s appreciation and a lot of awareness of what is coming, “he said.

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In an interview on the First Issue of Línea Directa, the governor noted that other difficult decisions have been made, such as the closure of hotels and beaches, but it was necessary to do so to take care of the health of the people of Sinaloa.

Regarding support from the Federation, he indicated that they are waiting for the Institute of Health for Welfare to provide them with supplies to distribute in hospitals, but this has not yet happened. He recalled that yesterday he made the request to the Secretary of the Interior and the Secretary of Foreign Relations to expedite the process.

“Insabi’s supplies have not arrived, such as gloves and face masks for doctors, nurses, or medicines, so they already offered us that they were going to expedite everything. Yesterday a plane arrived from China with supplies, let’s hope we get something because each other They are pears or apples, the support has not reached us ”, he commented.

Quirino Ordaz said he was confident that Sinaloans will overcome this contingency, just as other adversities have been overcome.

However, he clarified that they will continue to be very attentive to how the pandemic develops, and they are already enabling some sports facilities to attend to the sick, in case the hospitals become saturated.

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