Crime index in Mazatlán decreases during Covid-19 health alert


Mazatlán, Sinaloa (April 6, 2020).- The number of crimes has decreased considerably during the Covid-19 contingency in Mazatlán.

Municipal president, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres reported that last Saturday April 4th, has been the easiest day in terms of security in the last 10 months.

Maatlan municipal president, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres

Regularly during this season, between 8 and 11 crimes are registered per day in Mazatlan, while last Saturday there were only 4 minor crimes reported.

The secretary of the City Council, José de Jesús Flores Segura mentioned that although there is a drop in crime rates, the police corporations will continue to reinforce security in the municipality.

Flores Segura stressed that the Ministry of Public Security, headed by engineer Federico Rivas Valdés, has been working in full coordination with the Ministry of the Navy, the Ministry of National Defense, the National Guard and the Federal Police.

Source: Debate

The Mazatlan Post


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