More than 12 thousand rooms will be empty during “Semana Santa” in Mazatlán


Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, 95% of hotel rooms in Mazatlán will be unoccupied during “Semana Santa”. With closed beaches, and not a single tourist walking along the 21-kilometer long boardwalk.

At the moment, names such as Olas Altas Beach, Sábalo Beach, Cerritos Beach, Isla de la Piedra, Norte Beach, Venados Beach or Gaviotas Beach, among others, are known to be closed to the public, and will remain that way until the end of the contingency.

Julio Birrueta Covarrubias, director of the Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies of Mazatlán, indicated that for this weekend, at least 95% of the rooms will be unoccupied, this derived from the decree published in the Official Gazette of the Federation published last Tuesday March, 31st, that orders the closure of all hotels.

“As of Tuesday, that the decree was published and the hotels no longer receive clients, they only wait until the last one leaves and this for the majority, no later than Saturday, they must leave. Perhaps some long-stay foreign tourists could remain (even though they are not allowed to leave their room), and they are being invited to return to their homeland asap, although they will not be forced, but it is estimated that at least 95% should already be unemployed. ”

The destination has twelve thousand rooms and the idea that everything is unoccupied, including hotels, timeshares, condos, etc. This equals to more than 11,400 rooms.

“It has been several days since the occupancy has been decreasing gradually”, he said.

“We are ready to survive while the hotels remain closed, our priority is the health of our guests, of our employees and of the general population of Mazatlán. It has a significant economic cost, but all the hotels will re-open once this situation is over”, Julio Birrueta Covarrubias, director of the Association of Hotels and Tourism Companies of Mazatlán concluded.

Source: Milenio

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