Military and Local Police Guard Mazatlan Beaches


Unit operations have not released arrests, the society abides by the indication

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- Following the instruction of the State Governor and supporting the actions of the Aquatic Rescue Squad, the National Guard, Sedena and the Municipal Police implemented surveillance operations in the beach areas with the firm intention of gently removing the visitors.

Divided into three groups, the elements and Units met on Avenida del Mar, and then the staff descended into the sand to meet with the beach managers and listen to the news during the day.

Since the order to close the accesses has been instructed and until Friday afternoon the Public Safety Directorate does not have statistics of arrests, they even pointed out that when they approach people, they comply with the indication and withdraw.


Secretary of tourism, Pérez Barros reiterated that in recent years, the importance of the tourism industry for the state’s economy has had considerable growth and good results have been obtained.

However, he stressed that the most important thing is the health and well-being of Sinaloans, and in the face of this historical and global health emergency, difficult decisions have had to be made, always seeking to put the safety of Sinaloans first.


The Mazatlan Post