More than 3,000 employees out of work in Mazatlan hotel zone


Mazatlan Sinaloa; April 2, 2020.- From the early morning hours Mazatlan hoteliers began with the preparations to temporarily close all hotels, as announced by Governor Quirino Ordaz.

The measure is one of the most painful because thousands of people were left without work for at least a month, although it was said that they will make the effort to pay them their wages, although there are reports that in some cases they want to give them vacations without the benefit of salary.

Hotel Plaza Marina boardwalk only has two security guards, while the Agua Marina hotel placed barbed wire to prevent vandalism, and at Decima, the doors were sealed with wood.

In the Zona Dorada, Las Flores hotel put chains in the parking lot and a “closed” sign, other hotels in the same area were open but completely alone.

Some hotels are still operating because they have guests, but they can no longer receive any more, and those who still there, must remain inside their rooms, and the doors should be closed, as a measure to avoid further contagion in this tourist destination.

The protection measures adopted by some businesses are in order to prevent vandalism, although they will have private surveillance and police officers making routine inspections.

José Ramón Manguart Sánchez, President of the Tres Islas Hotel Association, commented that at least twelve thousand jobs are directly generated in Mazatlán. And of these, three thousand or more have already gone home.

In the same hotel zone, businesses also began to close. All are expected to reopen until April 30, the date set by the authorities.


The Mazatlan Post


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