Mazatlan investment of 100 million pesos is projected for public works


They will give priority to paving, water and drainage works

Mazatlán, Sinaloa.- The resources that are managed before the federal government in the order of 100 million pesos, will be mainly for paving, water, and drainage works; informed the director of Municipal Public WorksJuan de Dios Garay Velázquez.

He said that currently, work is underway on three adjudication works with own resources, as well as works for state and municipal participation, such as the rehabilitation of Camarón Sábalo Avenue, the modernization of Rafael Buelna and the collectors of the city center.

He reported that 16 works are in the bidding process, which have to do with paving and actions aimed at educational institutions.

The official commented that it seeks to raise 100 million additional pesos to those that the municipality already has through the FAISM, via federal, for various projects that correspond to paving works, the lining of a canal, as well as water and drainage works

On the last visit of the municipal president, Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres, to Mexico City, he took a portfolio of projects that in general terms includes some pavements that have to meet the requirements of that fund, and that already have technical files, but I don’t know if they all qualify.

Garay Velázquez

Currently, he added, the municipality carries out only three works with its own resources, since most are in the bidding or award process, but works are being carried out with state and municipal participation.

Regarding the Juan Carrasco avenue project as the city’s greenway, he indicated that he still does not have the resource allocation folder, but it is among the works that are planned to be done this year.

Garay Velázquez reported that the patching of the asphalt folder of avenues and streets of the city is permanently maintained with all the capacity that the Directorate of Public Works has as regards human resources.

An additional 100 million pesos to the authorized federal resources, is expected to be raised this year for public works in Mazatlán.


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