Downtown Mazatlan deserted due to health emergency


MAZATLÁN, SINALOA (April 2, 2020).- It’s twleve noon and Calle Aquiles Serdán is still asleep. 70 percent of the businesses there are closed.

Some provide information and apologies to their clients. Others display a simple handwritten sign with the caption “Closed due to health contingency.”

It is totally unusual to see the streets of Mazatlán empty… absolutely no cars, motorcycles, bicycles nor pedestrians can be seen anywhere nearby.

The lockdown is just beginning and some are already disenchanted when they come to “Cuidado con el Perro” (Beware of Dog) clothing store, and see the sign that reads: “We dogs are kept at home … Whoof!”.

Parisina, Vertice, Ley, Melodías Michoacanas, Joyería Hernández… the list of closed busiensses goes on and on.

Some shoe stores refuse to close (they probably argue that shoes are essential products). And the pharmacies are open, but practically empty.

On Melchor Ocampo and Leandro Valle streets, the secne is the same. At D’portenis, they admonish customers to go to their website and “buy online”.

With the closure of the entire clothing and crafts area of ​​the Pino Suárez Market, the market’s front door on Calle Benito Juárez is shut down. Just a few people that went to buy groceries can be seen on the street, waiting for the bus to go back home.

Vehicle traffic has decreased significantly all over town, and the number of Municipal Transit agents somehow seems excessive. They can be observed talking to each other while standing in a corner.

For the first time in years, downtown Mazatlán is not crowded.

Source: Noroeste

The Mazatlan Post


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