Mazatlan public transport buses ride around semi-empty


Mazatlán, Sin. Mazatlan public transport service offered by the Alliance of Urban Buses is working at 50% capacity.

Carlos Roberto Zamudio Portillo, General Secretary of the Bus Drivers Union of this transport group, stated that the drop in the number of users is mainly due to fear of coronavirus infections.

“For two weeks, the drivers of the Alliance have realized the decrease in the number of passengers, despite the fact that the recess began on March 20th”, said Zamudio Portillo.

He recognized that the current decline in transportation services is almost similar to the percentage that occurs each time the school population goes on vacation each year.

Zamudio Portillo added that the influx of semi-empty buses, between 40 and 50 people per vehicle, an amount that is considered ideal in relation to that established to avoid the Covid-19 contagion.

The costs of the passage are the same, 9.50 pesos in urban buses without air conditioning service, and 11 pesos in units with A/C.

The Mazatlan Post