Overpriced products? Call PROFECO…

Mazatlán, Sinaloa (March 24, 2020).- With the demand for mouthguards and antibacterial gel due to the coronavirus health emergency, abuses in the price of these products have increased in Mazatlán.

The chief of the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office in Mazatlán (PROFECO), Sergio Palomino Rodríguez, assured that complaints have been filed with that agency, about high prices of products, such as mouth masks, mainly.

For this reason, he asked consumers that in the event of any irregularity or excessively high prices in the sale of hygiene products such as mouthguards, gel, antibacterial wipes, and other disinfection products, people can call 800 468 87722.

Palomino Rodríguez revealed that the price of a package with 10 mouthpieces should not exceed 23.99 pesos (one USD), otherwise, consumers can file a complaint with Profeco.

The Mazatlan Post