Dutch cruise ship anchors off Los Cabos requesting humanitarian aid

Cabo San Lucas (CSL) Baja California Sur.- In an event that is indeed historic for the nautical services in Los Cabos, it has been confirmed that the shipping company Holland America Line requested the government of Mexico authorization to anchor one of its ships in the bay of Cabo San Lucas, confirmed the Integral Port Administration (API).

The manager of the API, Fernando Hoyos Romero, specified that the request is due to the complete cessation of tourist cruises for the Covid19 Coronavirus Pandemic at international level, and the saturation of the docking ports in the United States of America.

The name of the ship is “Oosterdam” which arrived on Monday March 16, 2020 with only crew on board, who remained on the ship, until another directive is decided by the shipping company and the Mexican authorities.

The eight hundred crew members completed a thorough health check at the last port they were in the United States of America, so the departure to Cabo San Lucas was authorized, to safeguard the ship.

At the destination, the Cabo San Lucas Comprehensive Port Administration (API) provided the necessary support to the shipping company and its personnel, in an unprecedented event for Los Cabos as a tourist destination in international cooperation as a result of a situation such as the Covid19 Coronavirus pandemic.