Coronavirus spreads in Mexico; latest news and cases today March 15th


Minute to minute news of the Coronavirus in Mexico

During this Sunday, March 15, new cases of Coronavirus have been announced, so the figure is as follows:

48 confirmed cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) in Mexico.

155 suspected cases

404 negative cases

2 cases recovered

So far, of the 32 states, only Campeche has no suspected or confirmed cases.

Confirmed cases in Mexico by State:

17 | Mexico City
4 | Querétaro
6 | State of Mexico
3 | Puebla
5 | Nuevo Leon
2 | Oaxaca
2 | Jalisco
1 | Coahuila
1 | Durango
1 | Chiapas
1 | Quintana Roo
1 | San Luis Potosí
2 | Sinaloa
1 | Yucatan

1 | Aguascalientes

In Pachuca, Hidalgo, an inflatable hospital is already installed to care for people infected with coronavirus.

So far, only one infected case of coronavirus has been detected in the State of Aguascalientes .

The State of Sinaloa confirmed its second case of coronavirus . He is a 25-year-old young man who traveled the United States, already in isolation.

The State of Baja California so far only has 44 suspected cases of coronavirus, 20 discarded and 24 are awaiting results. 

During these weeks of isolation to prevent or avoid contagion of coronavirus we must not forget: do not say hello, sneeze, and so on.

The Secretary of Public Education will suspend activities from March 20 due to the spread of the Coronavirus.


SEP suspends classes from March 20

The word coronavirus was used for the first time on November 16, 1968, which due to its appearance was given that name and from that moment virologists expressed that it could cause great problems.

So far, the State of Baja California has only modified the school calendar and all its other activities scheduled for this quarter of the year continue. 


The National Long Distance Day will enter Mexico,   which will be from March 23 to April 19, which consists of isolation, suspension of massive activities and distance between people of at least three meters.

To prevent and spread the coronavirus, you should avoid waving, touching your face, washing your hands, and spitting, an attitude that is very important to fight the virus.

The State of Sinaloa announced on Sunday March 15 that they found a new case of coronavirus. He is a man who is already in isolation.

So far there are 50 infections of coronavirus in the country and  Nuevo León has 5 this Sunday, March 15.

Society as a whole must take sanitary measures to detect or prevent the spread of coronavirus . If there are symptoms you should go to the experts in the field. 

The Jalisco government, Enrique Alfaro,  made the decision to suspend activities as of Tuesday, March 17, to prevent the spread of coronaviruses in the state . He also asked society not to panic, avoid physical contact, and wash their hands.

The global healthy distance day proposed by the Secretary of Health,   to avoid obtaining the coronavirus, are prevention measures, which depend on the people who are in the country.

Taking care of our health is very important, so the Secretary of Health offers preventive measures to avoid obtaining the coronavirus.

The Music Festival, Vive Latin o managed to successfully pass the first day of activities in Mexico City, after the World Health Organization declared a global coronavirus pandemic.

The National Polytechnic Institute decided to extend its Easter vacation period , due to the fact that a global coronavirus pandemic was declared .

Strawberry Fair in Irapuato postponed   to avoid contagion of coronavirus in the country.

The artistic medium encourages the public to stay in isolation, an activity that avoids expanding or contracting the coronavirus, so   Alejandro Sanz will offer a concert on YouTube to accompany his followers with music, after a global pandemic was declared  .

Mexican football authorities announced that at the end of tonight’s Young Classic, Clausura 2020 will stop until further notice. Measures are taken to avoid spreading coronavirus and to take care of the players.

The Government of the country asks society in general to avoid panic comparisons, because it could create a shortage .

Around 90 tourists, including two Mexicans are isolated in Cuba , to prevent the spread of the virus (Covid-2019).

The Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheimbaum   prepares virtual transmissions, to avoid the spread of coronavirus in the country. The activities of the spring night, which will be on April 21, will begin at 5:00 p.m. and the program will be led by Regina Orozco.

American Airlines decided to postpone part of its flights to avoid transmission of the coronavirus. The suspension will be  from this Monday, March 16, so it will affect countries in  Latin America, Europe and Asia. 

Due to the world-wide coronavirus pandemic experienced in the country, the Texcoco City Council, in coordination with the 2020 Horse Fair Board of Trustees, decided to postpone.

The Veracruz government announces that it covers Tajin 2020 is suspended, as well as other activities, due to the global coronavirus pandemic in the city.

Mexico City has been the main entity affected with 17 cases of Coronavirus. Given this, the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaun, assured that they are in constant coordination and communication with the Ministry of Health to take the pertinent and preventive measures. 

Bad news also for fans of Mexican baseball. The LMB reported yesterday that the start of the season, which was originally set for April 6, will run through May 11. 

Yesterday, a total attendance of 41,000 people was registered in the Vive Latino in Mexico City, where 27 cases of people with fever were reported. Despite the fact that some preventive measures were taken, several of those present assured that said actions are insufficient before the massive concentration of spectators. 

The organization of the Van Gogh Alive joins the day of healthy distance and they will postpone the exhibition of the works of the Dutch painter from March 21. All those who have purchased their ticket will be able to access at a later date or request a refund of their money. 

Starting on March 23, the national Sana Distanca day will begin. Where non-essential activities will be suspended and massive events will be rescheduled. The suspension of public transport is currently ruled out. 

The Ministry of Tourism of the State of Veracruz reported a few minutes ago the suspension of the last day of activities of the Tajín 2020 Summit. Although they still do not have confirmed cases, they seek to avoid possible infections due to the magnitude of the event. 

This first case of COVID-19 in Aguascalientes is about a student who was on an exchange in Spain according to what was reported by the Secretary of Health of the state. 


The Aguascalientes Health Secretariat has just confirmed that they have detected the first case of Coronavirus in this state. Yesterday the San Marcos Fair was postponed and now the first infected is detected. With this, there are already 42 total cases in the country. 

Fernanda Castro, daughter of the former First Lady of Mexico (Angélica Rivera), revealed through Instagram that she is in quarantine during the full global pandemic by COVID-19

This is how parents react to the suspension of classes by the SEP. Most agree to continue preventing infections. However, it also calls for a plan by educational organizations to prevent the development of the school year from being affected

This Sunday morning, the Ministry of Culture reported that all the art, theatrical, concert and archaeological zone activities that were planned between March 20 and April 20 will be rescheduled. 

There are 41 cases of COVID-19 in Mexico

As expected, detection of active cases of COVID-19 continues to rise throughout the national territory. From Friday to Saturday, the number nearly doubled from 26 to 41 people for infected agents. This was the last figure updated by Hugo López Gatell, undersecretary of Health nationwide. At this time, the contingency phase is still in Scenario 1. However, it is very likely that with the current progression, the situation will change to Scenario 2 in the coming days. This could lead to the suspension of activities in work centers around the country. 

Easter holidays are ahead

One of the measures that has caused the greatest repercussion is that the Ministry of Public Education agreed that the holidays corresponding to Easter will be advanced a couple of weeks in primary, secondary and preparatory. This means that they will take place from March 20 to April 20, 2020.

Liga MX yields and is played behind closed doors.

After multiple meetings and discussions, Enrique Bonilla announced that the first division of Mexican soccer, as well as Ascenso MX, will not have an audience this weekend from Saturday to Sunday. Multiple newspaper reports indicate that managers are considering playing the date 11 at mid-week. However, these plans could change in the next hour depending on how the number of infected evolve.

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