40 new police patrol units will arrive in Mazatlan


With an investment of 17.5 million pesos, the units will arrive in April

Mazatlán, Sin.- To help reduce the problem of insecurity in Mazatlán, at the end of April the City Council will receive vehicular equipment, a total of 40 units including cars, trucks and motorcycle patrols.

The municipal treasurer, Javier Alarcón Lizárraga, said that the equipment will be at the service of public safety and that it will be acquired through resources from Fortaseg and Fortamun.

Resultado de imagen de patrullas nuevas en mazatlan

“There are going to be 20 cars, 10 trucks and 10 motorcycle patrols, forty in total, that will be in service between Transit and Public Safety. The requisition is going to be done, the tender is going to be launched and they are with resources from Fortaseg (Strengthening Program for Public Security) and Fortamun (Contribution Fund for Strengthening Municipalities), “he said.

Resultado de imagen de patrullas nuevas en mazatlan

It will be an investment of approximately 17.5 million pesos; $ 8 million in cars, $ 7 million in trucks, and $ 2.5 million in motorcycles.

Resultado de imagen de Llegarán 40 patrullas nuevas a Mazatlán

Alarcón Lizárraga commented that, with the arrival of this new team, it is planned to re-engineer the existing units and thus only decommission some units.

“What we are thinking of doing is reengineering in the sense that, right now of 20 patrols that are functioning, to remove the pieces and from those, perhaps we will get eight patrols that are very good and remove others,” he said.


The City Council already acquired 9 garbage trucks last year, and in mid-April this year 10 will arrive. In Public Safety, motorcycle patrols and six trucks were purchased in 2019, in 2020 these 40 units will be added.


20 cars

10 trucks

10 motorcycle patrols

17.5 million pesos is the investment

Source: el sol de mazaylan, reaccion informativa

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