Mazatlan police ready for Motorcycle Week


Mazatlan.- On the instructions of Mayor Luis Benítez, the Municipal Transit Department is ready with the surveillance and support operation for Motorcycle Week that will take place from Thursday, and in which the Municipal Police will also participate and relief corps.

This was announced by the head of Transit, Francisco Guerra González, who said that because it is an event that is held on the 25th occasion, the guidelines are well defined and are known to the organizers and participants.

Francisco Guerra González

He stressed that the use of the safety helmet and avoiding stunts on public roads are aspects that will be of special interest since they cannot be allowed when they put the lives of third parties at risk.

Guerra González recalled that last year more than 18 thousand motorcyclists participated, so a greater number of attendees are expected, although Razer units will not be allowed to participate since they are four-wheeled and larger vehicles.

“We have several events this month and we are following the instructions of Mayor Luis Guillermo Benítez Torres to give the greatest support for road safety. It’s been more than 20 years with that kind of carnival provisions. Don’t say, we’re always ready waiting for the dates to put the operation to work. The guidelines given is the helmet portal respecting speed limits. There are no stunts. Who is exposing the people of them and third parties we cannot have tolerance. Razors should not participate, they are not motorcycles ”.

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The Deputy Director of Traffic recalled that as a novelty, the motorcycle parade will be next Sunday, and with a simple route, from the Shield to cover Olas Altas, the Paseo Claussen and Avenida Del Mar, to conclude in the Plaza de la Moto, which it will be located again in the parking lot of Sam’s Club, that is, it will not be a circuit, so more order is expected.

He reiterated the call to respect the pedestrian and above all take care and respect the areas for people with disabilities.

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