The second section of Rafael Buelna will be open for Easter


The supervisor of the work assured that the quality of the material has been properly tested

Mazatlan, Sinaloa. A little more than two months, the remodeling works of Rafael Buelna Avenue, which will change the face of the tourist area, progress in time and form; said the external supervisor, Enrique González Güereña.

He said that the first stage that was opened for circulation took place on February 20, the next section that includes Reforma a La Marina Avenue will be open for circulation before Easter, and the entire work in June.

He clarified that the first section of 340 meters is not yet finished, it is still necessary to place the pedestrian traffic lights, signage, ornamental plants and the painting of trimmings of the ramps and the cycle path.

When it opens it does not mean that it is finished, but I can tell you that we are doing very well in times, for Holy Week it ends at La Marina Avenue and the whole in June. 

Enrique Gonzalez

In addition, González Guereñaa affirmed that the quality of the material used in the work has been duly tested, as there are three laboratories that are responsible for checking that the standard is complied with.

He explained that, if the SMC 45 concrete does not give them the resistance close to 350 kilograms per square centimeter, it is demolished and the constructors in charge of the works correct the errors.

Personally I have a laboratory hired to check the materials, the builders have another and another State Government, nothing is done that does not comply with the standard. 

Enrique Gonzalez

According to the information provided by the State Government, the 2.8-kilometer work that started on January 2 will have an investment of 160 million pesos.

Source: el sol de mazatlan

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