Mazatlan beach vendors protest


They ask for a stop to illegal beach vendor

Dozens of vendors who have permission to work on the beach demonstrated against Profepa for allowing hundreds of illegal vendors

Mazatlan, Sinaloa.-  At about 9:00 am a march started by dozens of beach vendors at the entrance of the Alfredo Bonfil Industrial Park, as merchants complain that hundreds of vendors should not be there.

The beach workers, who have their current permit to sell handicrafts, glasses, hats, food, and drinks, explained that their guild is about 800 people, while the illegal vendor that outnumber them.

Resultado de imagen de vendedores en playas mazatlan

“We are five unions and we are about 800 vendors, but they, the ilegal ones, are like 1,200 or 1,300. They should not be allowed to sale,” said an representative

The complainants blamed the Municipality, specifically the Senior Officials for allowing these vendors to be there, as they point out, they should not be tolerant of illegal vendors

Resultado de imagen de vendedores en playas mazatlan

The demonstration ended in Profepa and Semarnat, where they asked to get to work and not allow illegal street vendors


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